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2016 Beauty Favourites

In 2016, I restrained myself from getting too many new make-up or skincare products because I do this too often to the degree that I could never finish any product up 98% of the time. They just rot in my makeup drawers and it's such a waste. So instead of going for quantity and experiment everything, I tried to stick with the products I have and buy good products that actually work from time to time. Although, there are products that didn't work on me or I just didn't like, the amount of beauty products I bought last year has reduced a lot comparing to 2015, which I think it's quite an accomplishment for me.
All the mentioned below are favourites of mine from 2016. I used them constantly throughout the year and they are things I'd definitely re-purchase once they run out. Keep reading and see if any of them were your favourites too :)


Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser            .
I've used Cetaphil cleanser once before, a few years ago and I did not like it at all. I felt like it didn't cleanse my face properly as there was no foam but I'm loving this right now! My skin is quite strange, it's super oily but in winter, it gets so dry(or dehydrated) that it flakes so easily on my nose and cheeks. By using deep cleansing cleansers before, it only made my skin worse because it was stripping the moisture off my face. The Cetaphil cleanser is really gentle and it keeps my skin soft and it doesn't feel tight after using. I recommend this cleanser to people with acne as well. I suffered from really bad acne a few years ago and using harsh cleanser/scrubs only irritated my skin more. A gentle cleanser like this would help you to cleanse without leaving your skin irritated.

Thayers Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera           .
This toner is perfect for my skin as it soothes and makes my skin feel extra refreshing after washing my face. I just soak my cotton wool with witch hazel and gently wipe my face with it. It's gentle and aloe vera is known for its moisturising effect. The brand also carries witch hazel with rose petals...etc, you can choose for your own need.  Again, another product I'd recommend for people with acne.

Too Cool For School Pumpkin Seed Mask          .
I picked this sleeping mask while I was in Seoul and I absolutely love it! It's easier to use than sheet mask as I just pop this on my face before I go to bed without the need of washing it off, it dries fast and it hydrates my skin as I sleep. My skin always feels very soft to touch when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I just use this as a deep moisturiser when my skin is extra dry. I used to use the Origin's Intense Drink Up mask, it has the same concept but I feel like that mask is more oily than the pumpkin seed mask. The texture is light and it goes on very smoothly, it stays sticky for a few minutes but after that, it's just cool and refreshing.

Nature Republic Soothing&Moisture Aloe Vera 80% Emulsion            .
I became a bit obsessed with Korean beauty products this year, not only because they all have super adorable packaging but also because of their reasonable price. Plus, a lot of the products are targeted at Asian skin types. Nature Republic being one of the brands I quite enjoy buying from, their aloe vera range is just perfect for my skin type. This lotion contains 80% natural aloe vera and it keeps my skin moisturised without making it oily as the texture is fairly light. The only thing I hate about this product is that it is so hard to get out because of the bottle design!!!

Mario Badscu Drying Lotion             .
This is the best product I've used for breakouts! Hands down. I just love it so much. This is the second bottle and it's almost finish (the amount of breakouts I have...sigh). It dries out your pimples and makes them go away much faster. p.s I think this will only work on occasional breakouts/pimples, not on bad acnes!


L'Oreal True Match Foundation             .
I was once obsessed with true match foundation and it is back on my favourite list. It now has a new packaging and I feel like the formula is slightly different too because this foundation goes on so so so smoothly. Like it claimed, it blends easily and it gives a almost velvety feel to the face after applying. The coverage is mediumish but it doesn't feel very heavy. I love using it as a every day foundation.

L'Oreal Inffallible 24H Foundation.            .
L'Oreal foundations really won my heart in 2016. This foundation is amazing if you want a nice coverage and long lasting foundation. It doesn't glide on as easy as the true match and it takes a lot blending but I think it looks great on my skin. It takes away the shine and covers up the imperfections. I used this foundation a lot when I want full coverage or when I was having bad skin days.

Zoeva Sun Power Blush Palette            .
This is a great palette to use and a very nice starter palette. All the colours are very gorgeous and the palette pretty much contains all the basic colours you will need on a daily basis. You have your peach, pink, neutral tones and some brownish shades for contour. The shimmering effect also is great on the skin. All the shades are very very pigmented. Sadly, I don't think this palette is available on Zoeva's site anymore.

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara Waterproof             .
I didn't like this mascara at first after I got it but I re-discovered it in the middle of the year and I love it. It makes my lashes long and not clumpy at all. I have straight lashes and sometimes after curling and applying mascara, they fall right back down. One of the reasons I've found is that non-waterproof mascaras are usually wetter in texture and they weigh my lashes down after they are curled. The Rocket mascara makes my lashes curled and pretty all day long. After applying this, I could apply other mascara, even non-waterproof ones and it wouldn't be a problem.

3CE StyleNanda Back To Baby Primer             .
This primer is a fairly small tube but the overall packaging is really cute in my opinion. It conceals my gigantic pores and makes my face smooth before I apply my foundation. It really is like putting your skin back to baby mode. It is definitely the best primer I've tired in 2016.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer             .
I've loved this product for so long because it just works great for my skin tone! Half of the time, bronzers tend to look too dark or too orangey for me but this one is just great. The cream formula is easy to work with, just a little bit goes a long way. I've literally had this product for a very long time (probably already expired...) and I still have lots of left. I use this to contour my cheeks with a small fluffy brush and it instantly adds more dimension to my face. It also smells amazing!

TONYMOLY Spoiler Oil Paper Powder           .
This one I bought from Seoul as well. It's translucent powder that sets my foundation so well and it keeps it super matte! I dab a bit with a small brush around my nose to keep the shine away! The product also minimize the look of the pores as well! The price is very reasonable and it works wonder.

Mamonde Creamy Tint in 45#             .
This lipstick is the one lipstick I've used the most in 2016. I've always loved red lips and a red lip really brightens up your whole look! This crayon lipstick is very creamy and it goes on easily. It has a creamy matte finish and it is not drying. The shade is slightly orange and it's perfect for every day use.

Lime Crime Matte Velvetine in Salem           .
I love the texture of this lipstick so much but this colour seemed too dark and edgy for every day use. I fell back in love with it by mixing it with orange or red toned lipstick (such as Rio Rio by Topshop) to create a dark pumpkin shade (similar to Kylie Jenner's 22 lip kit, or the Pumpkin shade by Lime Crime Matte Velvetine). It's a bit drying but the matte effect really is top notch!

p.s I didn't include any price because they were all bought in different countries and the prices are obviously different everywhere. Most of them you can find at your local drugstores or the brand's official website. For all the Korean products, I've shopped on W2beauty and Yesstyle before and they were good sites to use. Have a browse if you want to try out these items.


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