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Dance The Blues

Put on the red shoes and dance the blues 
- David Bowie

Zara's summer sale is a huge deal for me and my colleagues. Although they don't offer the best quality, their speed and ability to deliver the newest trends in their collections is just so impressive. Working in fast fashion, we are always looking at new trends and inspirations online. Being a girl, you kind of just want everything you see! & you could always find what you want at Zara. They offer miscellaneous styles that don't break your bank. Environmentally speaking, this sucks. It's a bad cycle that I find hard to step out of. The fast fashion industry is offering us, the modern consumers, exactly what we need - cheap products that we don't feel bad about throwing away and new things we could afford to purchase every other week.
Nevertheless, going to the huge Zara near work and spend lunch hours there trying to find the best deal during their summer sales as become a ritual for the past weeks.

I don't wear a lot of colours and when I do, it's usually dark colours like burgundy or dark green...etc. but oddly, I have been loving bright red. It adds a bit flare to my outfits I guess and I found a gorgeous bag at Zara that is a definition of 'this is what I've been looking for'. The colour, the texture, the clasp opening, the size, it's perfect.

Hopefully this bag would become one of these bags that I just love so much that I'd take it with me wherever I go and the quality is good enough to last for a few years because I don't want to feel guilty buying another new bag this year!!!

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